April 17, 2015

Ms. Organized No More!

Identify with that title? Ms. Organized :) Secretly proud? Of course you are and should be!

Coordinating the schedules, lives of those in your family and your own - super successfully - demands honour, respect!

BUT...you know it is time to change when you feel:

* Restricted in your choices. There seems to be only one "good" way to do things (which is always your way).

* You tend to "know" everything. For example you say frequently throughout the day, "I know", "I know"... And you are right, you do know, always before it actually does!

This can be very cool but its when your life becomes mundane and you feel stuck in a rut, so to say that its time to get a little perspective.

SO... What to do when your uber organization skills have painted you into a corner?

Give it up! LOL! Did you gasp? :)

Yes, it is time to lower your standards. Time to be open to be judged by others, expose yourself - make yourself vulnerable to scrutiny!

Ouch! "No way", you think. You have spent your whole life "getting it right" or at least working toward perfection. Now is the time, let it go!

HOW? Start by:

* Letting others around you express more of themselves. Give up leading the conversations, instead sit back, listen and watch the process of interactions and how people share with each other.

* Be a little less "in control" of everything. Go a little slower, show up as you are, trust that all will work out - because it usually does :)

* Receive! You are such a great giver of good, love, support. Accept little miracles that are around you every day! Keep your eyes open for all that the Universe is trying to give you. And then recognize it with gratitude.

Chances are no one is going to judge you for being yourself; however, they may just notice that you are a lighter dreamier version of yourself :) Enjoy!!

Share with me your experiences via email at kelly@embraceyourlife.ca or down below in the comments.

With love,


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