April 16, 2015

Feeling suffocated, rushed, uptight?

This is the advice I received by my amazing and gifted chiropractor not too long ago. The advice has stuck - BREATHE!

Seems completely simple, I knew I have always been a shallow breather, fast thinker but until he put his hands on my ribs and asked me to expand my ribs outward I wasn't aware of how that really felt. Immediately, I was aware of my expanding lungs, my expanding ribcage, all the space I wasn't accessing!

Stress sneaks up on us with harmful results if not well managed. So many of us are not even aware of how we cope with stress.

Do this right now - put your hands high on your body and feel your ribs as you breathe in and out. Do they expand outwards? See if you can slow your breathing down and feel your belly move forward while you breathe. Practice this regularly.

I have been deep breathing now for weeks. I breathe deeply during times of stress, times when I am exercising and even when I am just sitting calmly and the result - a greater sense of clarity.

I would love to hear from you! Try this practice and post your comments below.

Embrace your life one breath at a time!

With Love!


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