November 5, 2011

Be Radiant! Trust Feeling Good

When you follow your heart, you trust your deeper intuitive self. You show love to yourself and to others. The physical reaction when following your heart is like a glowing white light beaming in all directions from you but concentrated from your chest—your heart.

Time disappears and all is radiant. You feel peace and joy. Our egos usually talk us out of something because of fear of the unknown, but our hearts always lead us to what we truly desire. When you follow your heart and receive its desires, you will feel good—really good! Therefore, trust what feels good in your heart and use this feeling as guidance; this “feeling good” is aligned with our hearts and our life purpose.

Embrace your Life! Enjoy!
With Love Kelly

*excerpt taken from the upcoming book "Follow Your Heart to Discover Your Life Purpose" to be released soon! Want more info? Submit your email in the box on the right.. and we'll talk soon. Enjoy!

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