July 5, 2011

Excerpt from my upcoming book about discovering your life purpose...

I was learning how to nurture and trust myself. I began receiving messages that inspired and encouraged me exactly when I needed them. I was drawn to new places, people, even food.

On one occasion, when I was out for a walk with my puppy Chloe in a nearby forested area, we walked along a trail through the woods on a mild winter day. It was one of those gorgeous days when the sky was a crisp clear blue and the yellow rays beamed brightly off the snow making everything seem shimmery like diamonds. Quietly we crunched through the snow and slowly made our way down a hill. We stopped at the bottom and stood there listening to the icicles melting, dripping into a small river that flowed below us.

The next moment changed my life forever.

I looked up and saw the path ahead was clear. The light from above sparkled and danced on the snow on either side of the earthen path. Up the hill, I could see the strong, healthy trees protected the path and the green shade acted as a shield protecting the path from wind. I realized my path was clear; light surrounded me, delighting me as I walked the path toward peace. As we took a few steps on the path and started up the hill, I realized my search for meaning ended. What I was looking for was God.

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc., C.C.
Life Purpose Coach
email anytime ~ kelly@embraceyourlife.ca

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Carol D'Annunzio said...

How exciting for you, Kelly! Can't wait to hear more about this book. :)