June 7, 2011

Coming Home...

We celebrated my husband's first long dark cold Canadian winter by going to the Dominican, returning for me after 2 years, to where I found love and my love - him.
We reunited our daughter with our Dominican family and friends and reconnected with the beautiful tropical setting, the beginning of our romantic story. The warmth of the sun, loving hugs, vibrant colours, dreamy beaches and cleansing energy of the ocean rejuvenated my spirit and refocused my vision. Despite my concern of travelling with our daughter, she easily adapted and flowed with our sometimes hectic schedule of visiting. She laughed joyfully with her relatives and celebrated the newness of her experiences. She danced - often!
“Joy is not in things; it is in us” ~ Richard Wagner

We visited our old neighbourhood, walked down the quiet streets early Sunday morning hand in hand in hand. We climbed onto our old stools and had expresso at our favourite cafeteria and my husband even tucked a flower behind my ear. We laughed with friends and family and ate great food! My favourite was standing in the courtyard admiring the blossoms of a gorgeous tree, lingering quietly.

People say, "don't dwell in the past" ~ I agree for the most part but some memories are warm inspirational jewels that we can hold close to our heart and remind us of the richness of our journey. We may worry and be concerned about the risks of travelling the unknown but in reality it may be wasted energy because when we arrive, we may just simply dance - and dance often!

Embrace your life, enjoy!

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.
Life Purpose & Career Coach

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