January 12, 2011

Moments when it all makes sense...

As I watched the snow fall these last few days, I felt nostalgic. I longed for the island I called home for 2 years. I loved the sensuality of living in the Dominican Republic. I loved the hot sun!

I loved the fragrance and never-ending presence of the brilliant flowers, the tasty sweetness of honey drizzled over fresh fruit, the private balcony where I read for hours, gazing at the swaying palm trees with the turquoise ocean expanding beyond. I loved the way I breathed, deep from my belly, such peaceful moments...

I cherish all of the gorgeous smiling children that warmed my heart. I missed the warmth (obviously considering my train of thought!) but especially, I missed the warmth I felt every day as I accepted their big loving hugs. In those joyful moments life made sense!

Then I remembered the group of students who worked daily creating wooden toys in a new entrepreneurial program and felt a tugging at my heart then had an idea! A ha! I am facilitating the upcoming Artist's Way Creative Cluster and a portion of all registration fees for the upcoming will be donated to the J√≥venes Creativos (Creative Youngsters) at the school Cafe con Leche. Read more about the wonderful programs transforming the people and this area... http://www.focofoundation.com/current-projects.html  I am very excited about how our creative group will provide support and resources to another creative group!

If you have any questions about the Artist's Way or how to donate to Cafe con Leche, please feel free to email me directly at kelly@embraceyourlife.ca

Enjoy and Embrace Your Life!

With love Kelly


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