January 4, 2011

Do you worry your dreams away?

Do you wish you could continue to eat chocolate, watch tv for hours every night and still lose all the weight?

Do you wish you could change careers but the security of your day job keeps you from pursuing your dream?

Do you wish you could move to an exciting metropolitan location but you are afraid that if you get a job offer you really might have to move?

What if getting what you want really isn't really what you expected? Does worrying about getting what you want prevent you from even trying?

Yes, fear can be paralyzing; and surprisingly, success really can be scary. We often impose limits onto ourselves to keep us neatly tucked into our safety zone. We create methods of experiencing life, growing and expanding but not too much that would leave us vulnerable and exposed. We blame our failure to achieve our New Years Resolutions on will power but it is fear that often overwhelms the change process. We focus on what we are "losing" rather than what newness might enter into the space when it opens up when we let go.

"Instead of writing three pages a day on a screenplay, we prefer worrying about how we will have to move to Hollywood if the script gets bought." ~ Julia Cameron from The Artist's Way

In other words, we stop before we start. Our dreams are our unique, special gifts meant to share with others, let's continue to believe in them and learn more ways to express what is in our hearts.


I invite you to join the Artist's Way creative cluster starting on January 19th in Leamington, Ontario and runs every Wednesday evening. It will be a safe place for sharing dreams and encouraging and inspiring people to express themselves. Our group will meet in the beautifully renovated art gallery in one of the rooms - we will literally be surrounded with art!

If this sounds like exactly what you need to get you moving forward and create more of what you want, I am encouraging everyone to register with Chad at the Arts Centre at (519) 326-2711 or email me here or at kelly@embraceyourlife.ca.

Thank you very much! Enjoy! Embrace Your Life!


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