January 11, 2011

Date Yourself!

Date yourself ~ this may sound outrageous to you! But that is exactly what we will be asking you to do in the Creative Cluster – to take yourself on regular weekly dates.

Each week one of the tasks assigned is for you to take yourself out on the town and explore your world. The possibilities are endless! Go for a walk, browse the shops, visit an art gallery or a concert, take a belly dancing class or simply go out for a lavish meal – the catch is: you go alone.

So often we bend and compromise what we want to please others or simply for time restraints that we choose the best option for all ~ never really getting what we want… so for the next 12 weeks starting on January 19 – the homework is to date yourself! You have permission to explore what that is you really want! Exciting!!

When I went through this book -The Artist’s Way 4 years ago, I took myself out on one of the best dates I ever went on!! I got into my car, turned off the music and drove on a snowy afternoon for over an hour to explore a nearby village. I arrived peaceful yet excited about setting off on my own. I browsed through quaint little stores and deliciously absorbed all of the aromas. I lingered and touched the luxurious materials of the pillows, throws and other home d├ęcor. I sipped a glass of wine and ate a comforting bowl of French onion soup in a dark and enveloping pub in front of the fire with my journal. While I pondered, reflected and captured my ideas, outside of the window the snowflakes fell and the trees held them in their embrace. It was one of the most transformational experiences of my life!

I share this experience to inspire you to join our creative cluster – our little group of Artists and Non-Artists will be dating ourselves, uncovering our truest dreams and creating space for them to be realized!

If you are in the Leamington/Windsor area and want to join us please contact me at (519) 322-8266 to register today! Classes start January 19!

Embrace Your Life!

Love Kelly

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