December 8, 2010

Join the Creative Cluster

Good Evening!

A few people have asked for some more information about the Creative Cluster so I am sharing a little more here and hope this helps clarify and give you an idea of what to expect from the group.

The Artist's Way creative cluster is starting in January and runs every Wednesday evening. It will be a safe place for sharing dreams and encouraging and inspiring people to express themselves. Our group will meet in the beautifully renovated art gallery in one of the rooms - we will literally be surrounded with art!

The Artist's Way book has so many wonderful exercises and questions to help break down old patterns that prevent us from moving forward creatively. We know of all of the reasons we use not to... write, draw, paint, play music, start that project or follow that idea... can you identify?

I posted the link to the Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way - 10th Edition for your review. Even if you aren't able to join in, I recommend this book to anyone ready to live more authentically, purposefully and passionately!

The group runs for twelve weeks, a substantial amount for real lasting change to occur :) If this sounds like exactly what you need to get you moving forward and create more of what you want, I am encouraging everyone to register with Chad at the Leamington Art's Centre at (519) 326-2711 or email me here or at if you want some more information.

If you or anyone you know is interested please forward the information along :)

Thank you very much! Enjoy! Embrace Your Life!


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tiffany( said...

This really sounds sooo amazing kelly.. there must be a way to do it online for a group as well??? I want to be your guinea pig:)