December 15, 2010

The Greatest Gifts

Greetings All! I hope that you are feeling the joy of the holidays and are able to avoid the stress that sometimes comes with finding the perfect gift.
My husband and I started pulling out large boxes from the basement a few weeks ago full of Christmas decorations and began arranging the  old and new ornaments in displays around the house.

I reached down and found the familiar clothes pin reindeer ornament my sister made when she was little. I laughed when I then held in my hand the awkwardly shaped Christmas tree with my sister's name printed on the back when she was a few years older. I used to tease her about her printing so seeing her hand writing always makes me laugh!
A few years ago as a full fledged adult, my sister gave me an angel ornament with the quote from Emily Bronte "Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same"  Of course, being my sentimental self, I cried. Each of these treasured gifts from my sister are placed carefully on our Christmas tree.

Recently, I was visiting my mother while she decorated for Christmas. She unpacked a box and as she does every year, she placed a white log decorated with artificial berries and pine cones in the middle of the table and proudly said, "This is what Grandpa made for me for Christmas, the year he wasn't working."

Outside of all the pyjamas, socks and failed attempts at buying me "cool" clothes over the years, my favourite gift from my mother is the book of recipes she gave me. I value this book deeply. It bonds me to her and all of the flavours and memories of our house can be captured within the pages of that little book.

So when in doubt, don't stress! Make something for your friend, coworker, hairdresser, mother, father, sister, child ~ write a poem, draw them a story book, make a slideshow of your favourite pictures together. These are the items that will be packed away and unpacked year after year.

Enjoy and Embrace Your Life! Peace and love to you,

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