July 12, 2010

Be Open to the Messages in Nature

Motherhood brings with it so many new and beautiful experiences. Whenever something new enters our life, it is essential to reprioritize our time to ensure we are giving one hundred percent to the things that matter most. I am learning every day that in order to be the best mother that I can be, I need to be my personal best and grabbing my notepad and climbing up onto my favourite rock by the lake was exactly what my soul needed yesterday.

Immediately after I settled into my little spot, my body relaxed and I closed my eyes and concentrated on the warm hug I received from the sun, water and wind. The words began to flow and I wrote feverishly for a few minutes. I looked up and saw a flock of geese floating near the shore of the water and watched how they adapted to the changing wind and wave direction. Complete acceptance. No panic. They simply changed direction.

Nature teaches us what we need to know.

Then something caught my eye – this beautiful orange flower stood tall and solitarily reached out through the rocks. It was stunning. It swayed in the breeze. Because it stood alone in such harsh circumstances, it made an impact. Unlike the geese that stayed together, this flower grew alone. I thought, this flower doesn’t question God - why am I alone? Why do those geese get to be together all of the time while I blow around up here unprotected and surrounded by these rocks? No, the flower didn’t waste its energy on why questions, it simply trusted its path and grew beautifully exactly where it was.

Nature inspires us to embrace life exactly as it is now.

Keep your mind and heart open to the beauty around you, enjoy!

Love and peace to you,

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