June 11, 2010

What an enlightening and healing week!

Since the tornado that touched down in Leamington, the little sunny lake-front town in southern Ontario that I live in, I have felt a heavy pressure on my heart. It has been nearly a week since the tornado hit that destroyed so many trees in our community and created such a sad grief stricken energy in the area.

For anyone who knows me, I love trees. My favourite thing to do is look up and see the sparkling sunlight and the clear blue sky through the flickering light. I can do this for hours and I have many times. I have a great respect and humble appreciation for all that trees provide us.

I normally don’t share all of these personal details but lately, I have felt a need to explore my truth again and be authentic in how I capture and share my experiences through writing and coaching. Something is shifting, opening and I hear intuitively that it is time to self-disclose more freely and let go of the way I tend to accommodate other people’s spiritual beliefs by not clearly stating my own. My intention is to speak my truth – all of it.


In order to release some of the pressure on my heart, I prayed, meditated and asked God for help and remembered the name I was told recently and called a local Reiki Master. She is normally booked solid but was able to see me the next day. All was in divine order.

I left the session lighter and free from a few issues that plagued my mind and body. I slept really deeply and had such clarity in my writing but some heaviness lurked.

Last night, my yoga instructor organized a guest speaker an Energy Healer and Shamanic Trainer and I was lead on a Shamanic journey. I have had a similar experience before with a Shaman a few months earlier but last night was different, the common stories of heaviness on many of the women’s hearts reflected the grief they too felt for the trees. It was a powerful experience.

Many people shared how they are focused on the destruction of the oil spill in the Gulf, and talked about the fear about the volcanoes, earth quakes, tornados, floods, war. Last night we were directed to refocus our energy on the beauty, power and strength of Mother Earth. As the Law of Attraction dictates, what we focus on expands so we set our attention and intention to celebrate the earth sending powerful healing light to the areas feeling the pain. We thanked the trees that protected all of us in Leamington and prayed that their spirits be released. It was also suggested that we watch movies such as Planet Earth and National Geographic videos capturing the perfection and harmonious elements of nature. We also discussed ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Earlier this week I posted a prayer about being grateful to God and nature, if you have a moment please review it again and send peaceful thoughts out into the world. If you are feeling the heaviness that I described earlier, I suggest that you tap into some of the resources I mention here in this post or email me and we can figure out another plan. We are all connected. You are not alone. We are in this together and are surrounded with love and light! My prayer was answered and with the help of beautiful, wise women in my community, my heart is soaring again! Thank you.

Enjoy and Embrace Your Life!

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.

Life/Career Coach