May 18, 2010

Tips for Surviving Break-ups & Divorce

At the end of a relationship, no matter what the reasons were for the separation, it can be very difficult emotionally to recover.

If you are still loving your first love, you will not understand how it feels to climb into bed alone after sharing one with your partner for years. You won´t understand how crushing it feels when you hear the news of an ex-partner moving on. You won't understand how isolating and sad it feels to be treated differently by family and friends or even strangers when they find out you are single again. Many women rush into another relationship only to have similar patterns continue.

There are many challenges of getting used to being “alone” again but this journey doesn´t have to be negative. We can use this time to focus on and develop self-growth, awareness and a healthy relationship with yourself!

Use this time to develop the best you so when you are ready, you will share the best you in the best relationship possible! I encourage you to keep a journal as you work through each step slowly.

Follow these 10 steps to get back out there and create a life you love:

1 - Find an impartial confidant! Lean on your support system!
2 - Get out your dancing shoes! And a friend to go with you!
3 - Get a hobby and throw yourself into it!
4 - Get a journal and write, write, write and write!
5 – Volunteer and get involved!
6 - Get fit! Listen to and feed your body what it needs to get healthy!
7 - Develop clear and mindful boundaries!
8 - Get financially independent or at least get a plan!
9 - Rev up your sexual energy!
10 - Be gentle and loving, let go, and be harmonious in life!

Read more about the Girl's Guide to Life Change e-book. This concise and compact guide will provide inspiration, professional advice, and also tidbits from my personal journey through separation and divorce with the intention to empower you to align with your ideal life!

Embrace Your Life!! Enjoy!

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.

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