April 10, 2010

It is the weekend!! Get out, get involved and try something new!

Tired of the same old... well,

Learn something - anything! Visit a bookstore or library, visit a museum or gallery, listen to books on tape while you drive, you can learn a new language while you “waste” time in traffic!

Get involved! Support local arts, groups, programs, culture - review community event postings in the paper for ideas. Maybe there is a bake sale, a 5K run or art in the park, stroll the streets looking for something new.

Exercise! Get your blood pumping - go outside for a walk, garden, or even simply stretch – whatever you choose just do it under the sunny sky and breathe in the fresh air!

Just do it! Expand your skill set and pursue that interest - register for that class you have been considering, jump in, no more excuses! Even simply try a new recipe today!

Slow down! Instead of rushing inside when you get home talk to your neighbours. Greet the people you meet during the day - why rush home when there is so much to experience if we linger just a little and get out of our routine.

Enjoy the weekend! & Embrace Your Life!

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.

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