February 2, 2010

You will get through this!

Sometimes what we get isn’t really what we want, if you are unhappy, angry, hopeless with what is in the moment here are a few quick tips to get back into the flow:

  • Accept the moment - avoid resisting or trying to change it.

  • Return to the moment by using your senses and breathing

  • Recognize the moment for exactly what it is

  • Know that this too shall pass.

  • Take a deep breath - make the connection that you are still okay.

  • Feel where it is in your body that hurts

  • Focus on this area warmly, feel what is going on in your body.

  • Stay there until the intensity subsides and let the pain go.

  • Replace analyzing and judging thoughts by repeating the words love and peace.

  • Return to your breath and observe the pain and discomfort leaving your body.

Everything is ok. You are ok.

Sending you love and peace, enjoy the day! Embrace Your Life!


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Anonymous said...

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