April 2, 2009

Living Authentically and Loving Chocolate!

Yesterday on the Embrace Your Life radio show, the topic was living truthfully, authentically and letting go of the old beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you.

I spoke with Amy Pilmer from A Perfect Ten about energy healing and clearing blocks in your body and also of the importance of self-care and having stress releasing treatments at the spa. It was a great show - only half an hour have a listen! You will want to take the afternoon off and indulge! ;)

The time flew by and Amy wanted to share a few things more:

Love Chocolate? Check this out! It is new and it is good for you!!http://www.thefivereasons.com/ if you want to order email Amy today at perfectten@bellnet.ca!! I have had a taste and it is delicious!!

Want to know more about the Healing Group in Leamington? If yes, then contact Helen Peters at inshapehealing4u@yahoo.ca! Enjoy! It is a great group of women - I was fortunate enough to be in on the brainstorming of the intial creation of the group and attended the first meeting which was inspirational!

Thank you again Amy ~ All the best and thank you to the many people that listened to the show!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach

Download the free goals worksheet here! Enjoy!

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