July 16, 2008

Share your inspirational stories, tips and techniques!

When you are going through a life transition, it means that something is shifting, entering or exiting your life. Things are changing and when there is change, there is likely stress. You may be feeling a range of emotions associated with letting go and welcoming new things into your life. Stress can be very motivating but it can also be very dangerous. Whether you are buying or moving from a house, having your first baby, starting or looking for a new job, getting a divorce or getting married, whatever the transition is in your life, you have a choice in how you respond to the change.

Below read how New Home Owner, Roxanne Dibbley faced her fears when she shares a private moment and a tip on getting through a challenging time in her life. Inspire others with your tips and stories of times when you faced your fears and overcame stress in your lives!

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